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Yes, you can access your RefWorks account when you graduate or if you transfer to or from JMU!

Graduates: JMU alumni can access the RefWorks accounts you created at JMU, but first you will need to create a new alumni account

  1. Please contact Amanda Hedrick to request the alumni Group Code. 
  2. Go to  You will be asked for a Group Code; enter the alumni Group Code you received from Amanda and click the Go to Login button. 
  3. On the RefWorks User Login for RefWorks Alumni Site page, click on the Sign up for an Individual account link.
  4. Fill out the form to create an alumni account.  Make sure to select JMU as your alumni access affiliate in the User Type drop down screen. 
  5. Click Register when finished, and you will be taken to your new, empty RefWorks account.
  6. Follow the backup/restore instructions below to move your existing account to your new alumni account.

Your JMU RefWorks account will be deleted if it remains inactive for 3 years.  If you are moving on to another institution that subscribes to RefWorks, please set up a user account under that institution's subscription and migrate your JMU account to your new account.  Follow the instructions below to complete the transition.
Alumni can use other library resources after leaving JMU.  Click here to learn more!

Transfers:  If you had a RefWorks account at your previous school and transfer to JMU, you can migrate your account to JMU's subscription. 

  1. First, create a new RefWorks account by clicking here
  2. After you set up a new account under JMU, log in to your "old" RefWorks account you used at your previous institution. 
  3. Select Tools, Backup/Restore and make a backup of your database.  You will be prompted to save a .zip or . rwb file to your computer.  Please use the default file RefWorks prompts you to save to your computer. 
  4. Once the backup is complete, log out of the "old" account and log into your new JMU account. 
  5. In your new account, select Tools, Backup/Restore and use the restore option to add the .zip or . rwb file (the one RefWorks prompted you to save) to your new account.  You can also export your reference data in several formats using one of RefWorks Export options.  If you need help migrating your accounts, please see the RefWorks backup/restore help pages or contact RefWorks support team.

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