Answered By: Laura Montanez
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When you use the subject clusters to narrow your results after conducting a search, it narrows those results to only those that contain the subject term within that specific subject area: Subject (general),Subject Thesaurus, Subject Major heading.

Here are a few examples:

Subject Thesaurus.
If I do a search in EDS for heart attack, then narrow my results to the Subject Thesaurus term MYOCARDIAL infarction, it would narrow my results to only those that contain MYOCARDIAL infarction in the Subject Thesaurus.
The equivalent search would look like: heart attack AND ZE "MYOCARDIAL infarction"

ZE is the field code to search the Subject Thesaurus. It is phrase indexed, so it always matches on a phrase.

Subject (general)
Search for money.
Narrow by Subject: Monetary policy
Search would be: money AND DE "Monetary policy"
DE is Phrase Indexed and performs an exact search for subject headings and author-supplied keywords describing an article.

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