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Yes, you can access your RefWorks account when you graduate or if you transfer to or from JMU!

Graduates: JMU alumni or students who leave JMU can access their RefWorks account created using their email. NOTE: if you lose your password, you will have no way to retrieve it. You may want to consider backing your references up to a different reference software, such as Zotero.


Transfers to JMU:  If you had a RefWorks account at your previous school and transfer to JMU, you can migrate your account to JMU's subscription. 

  1. First, create a new RefWorks account by clicking here
  2. Click the "+" near the top left of the screen, and select "Import References" (see attached screenshot)
  3. This will prompt you to log into your old Refworks account, and will walk you through the steps.
    • Alternatively, if you exported your references to a file, this will allow you to upload that file. 
    • For more on importing references, see the Refworks Importing Guide

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