Q. How do I host a Webex session from inside Canvas?


Refer to the brief explanation of the Three Webex Conference Types to choose the one that meets your goals. There you can also find links to download that conference type’s application for your computer. We recommend the Events conference type for classes in general and that instructors use the computer applications rather than browser extensions or add-ons when possible. 

  1. To learn how to schedule a session, visit the How do I schedule synchronous class sessions in Webex inside Canvas? page.
  2. Scheduled sessions will appear in the left column of the Event Calendar tab as shown in the below image. The Prepare button appears on all scheduled events and will turn into the Host button 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to start.

    The Host and Prepare buttons instructors will see in the list of upcoming sessions scheduled in Webex inside Canvas.

  3. Students will see a list of scheduled sessions in the Upcoming Events column. The Join button will appear 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to start as illustrated in the below two images. 

    Student view of a session listed in the Upcoming Events list in the Event Calendar tab.

    Student view of a session listed in the Upcoming Events list in the Event Calendar tab.

  4. Instructors should install and run the desktop Webex applications to fully use the resources of their computers. Each of the three conference types have a desktop application. Links to download and install these apps will typically be offered to you when you launch a Webex session for the first time, but you can find out more about each of the three conference types and where to download the applications from this page

  5. Click the Host button on an event scheduled in Webex inside Canvas. (Note that you may also use the Quick Launch button, beside the Schedule button, to quickly launch a session.) This action will open a new tab or window in your default web browser. The web browser will flash and refresh pages several times for a few moments as it launches the Webex session.

  6. After either the desktop application, browser extension / add-on, or Webex Web App runs, the session will launch with screens like the following two images.

    One of the Webex session launch progress screens.

    One of the Webex session launch progress screens.

  7. Next, the following type of window will open. Here you can choose to start the meeting with your audio and video streaming or muted. Use the Settings button to verify your audio and video are coming from the sources you desire.
    1. Mute / Unmute Audio Button
    2. Mute / Unmute Video Button
    3. Start Meeting Button
    4. Settings

    Webex Start Meeting / Event Window.

  8. Click on the Settings button in the lower right corner of the below illustrated window to reveal a panel to verify you’re using the microphone, speakers, and video camera you wish to use or select others that may be connected to your computer.

    Webex audio and video source settings panel on the Start Meeting window.

  9. When you start the session, you will see the below window.
    • Mute / Unmute your audio
    • Mute / Unmute your video
    • Opens the sharing controls panel - You can share your entire screen or specific applications. See the Share Content in Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events page for details
    • Record will start a recording of your session
    • Reveal / Hide the participant list
    • Reveal / Hide the chat window
    • Reveal / Hide additional settings described in item 9 below
    • End or Leave the meeting

    Webex meeting and event buttons explained in image and in above list.

  10. The ellipsis button reveals / hides additional settings such as the following for meeting and event sessions.
    • locking a session
    • inviting or reminding someone about the session via email
    • copying the meeting link to send to someone
    • audio connection and audio and video input selections

    Additional settings on the Webex meeting and event window.

Webex Guide

See more about Webex on the Guide to Hybrid & Online Teaching at JMU.


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