Q. How can I take attendance in Webex sessions?


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Be Aware

  • Attendance and other reports are generated for each session. You cannot generate a single report for a series of sessions. 
  • Reports for sessions scheduled in the JMU Webex website will only appear on the JMU Webex site, not in Webex inside Canvas.
  • Attendance reports from Webex inside Canvas are available under the Event Attendance tab. While the tab is labeled with the word Event, it captures basic attendance reports from sessions using any of three conference types (meetings, events, trainings), as long as it was scheduled or quick-launched in Webex inside Canvas.
  • Reports are available for events and trainings from the JMU Webex site, see the below section Get Attendance Reports from the Webex Website​ for details, but we recommend retrieving reports from your classes' Webex inside Canvas Attendance tab.

Get Attendance Reports from Webex inside Canvas

You can retrieve attendance reports from the Event Attendance tab for any session scheduled in Webex inside Canvas. 

  1. To see attendance reports for each scheduled and Quick Launch session, click on the Webex button in the class navigation bar, then click on the Event Attendance tab. Here you can review the list of attendance reports sorted by name, date, or host.

  2. Clicking a Check for Attendance button will open a panel, as shown in the below image, to reveal each attendees name, email address, and the times they joined and left the session. A link to download a CSV file is in the bottom right corner of the panel. If the report isn't ready to view and download, you will see a message in this panel to return at a later time.

Get Attendance Reports from the Webex Website

You can also retrieve attendance reports from any session scheduled in both Webex inside Canvas or the JMU Webex site. For details information about reports, see this page about reports from events and this page 522 in the Training Center Guide (pdf).

  1. Log into https://jmu.webex.com/, click on your name in the upper right corner, and choose Report from the pull-down menu. 

  2. Next you will see a page, pictured below, that will lead you to all the different kinds of reports that can be generated for each of the three conference types. Note that reports with individual attendee information for events must be retrieved in a two step process. First, you must run an Attendance Report that lists off all sessions that occurred within a date range to get the Event ID of a specific session whose attendance details you wish to see. Secondly, you run the Detail Report using the Event ID to generate a report listing all attendees' names, emails addresses, and times they joined and left the session. Because of this complexity, we recommend retrieving attendance records from the Event Attendance tab in Webex inside Canvas described at the beginning of this page. 

Webex Guide

See more about Webex on the Guide to Hybrid & Online Teaching at JMU.


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