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The Libraries’ Facilities Operations department proactively coordinated with JMU Real Property and Space Management and many other campus departments to relocate thousands of furniture and technology items from Carrier Library when it closed for construction in May 2023.  

Our team's work to thoroughly manage inventory and thoughtfully redistribute furniture, shelving, and equipment provided multiple benefits to the university, including an estimated cost avoidance of $1,095,000. 

Over 1,000 pieces of furniture and technology equipment from Carrier were used to furnish interim Libraries locations. 2,000 pieces of furniture were redistributed intentionally across 9 JMU locations, including new study spaces. Other study spaces, such as Festival and Taylor, received furniture that increased the total number of seats available in these buildings. This work resulted in a total estimated cost avoidance of $719,000. 

By reusing 860 shelving units from Carrier, our team achieved an estimated cost avoidance of $376,000 when 400,000 collection items were moved out of Carrier and into our on-campus storage.


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