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You can print at a library location that provides computers and printers.

You can also set up your own computer to print wirelessly at a library location that provides printers.

Here are the steps you will follow when using printers (Note: You must have a JAC or DART card to print. You can not print with credit or debit cards.)

  • Go to the Print Release Station (the monitor next to the printers)
  • Swipe your JAC or DART card through the card swipe located in front of the monitor (stripe down, facing you).
  • You will see the list of print jobs in chronological order.
  • Your FLEX balance will display at the top of the window. $0.00 means you need to add money to your FLEX account.
    • Please take note of the printer choices on your workstation and choose Black & White or Color.
    • The default is duplex (double-sided) printing.
    • Black & white prints cost $0.05 each or $0.08 per sheet for double-sided prints. Color prints cost $0.40 each or $0.78 per sheet for double-sided prints.
    • If you need to add Flex to your JACard, you can do so with a credit or debit card by calling Card Services (540-568-6446) or going to their web site (Card Services). If you have cash you can load money directly onto your JAC using the Dart machine.
      • At Rose the Dart machine is next to the front desk, just to the side of the hallway that goes to the bathroom.
  • Look in the Document column for name you gave the print job.
  • Click on the Print link to the right of your file.
  • Then click Yes to confirm.
  • Your pages will now print at one of the nearby printers.

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