How can students set up their Poll Everywhere web portal account using the JMU Enterprise account?


  1. Sign up for Poll Everywhere at (not
    • Use your JMU email address to sign up. If you receive a message stating that your email address has already been taken, reset your password. This password should not match your JMU eID password.
    • Note: Please do not use or the Poll Everywhere link on your Canvas Course page to sign up.
  2. Check whether you are registered with JMU’s Poll Everywhere account.
    • Once you have created an account and are logged in, select “Registration” from the home page. If this is your first time using Poll Everywhere for a class at JMU, it may say that you’re not registered with any presenters. That’s OK! When your instructor performs the initial sync of their roster, it should also register you for the JMU account. You must be registered to participate in any graded Polls or Activities.Ungraded activities may or may not require registration at your instructor’s discretion.
      • If the Registration page does not indicate that you are registered with James Madison University, your instructor may need to sync their roster. This is especially likely if you have recently joined the course.
      • To ensure that each student’s Poll Everywhere responses are accurately recorded in Canvas, Self-Registration has been disabled. The blue button on the Canvas registration page labeled “+Registration” will give you an error if you try to search for your instructor’s username.
      • If it does say that you are registered with James Madison University and your are still unable to participate, try to delete your Poll Everywhere account from the Settings menu and re-create it using your email.
      • For any persistent issues with getting registered or participating in activities that require registration, send an email to support@polleverywhere for assistance.
  3. Visit to participate in Polls and Activities
    • You can do this on a computer or mobile device, using the web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
    • There is also a Poll Everywhere Student App available for download in mobile app stores. There have been reports of the mobile app malfunctioning on certain devices. For the most stable experience, consider using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when on a mobile device.
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